Residential Visits

We are proud of the school’s programme of residential visits; indeed we believe the extensive programme we offer for all children in year groups four to six, is second to none.

Residential visits are enjoyable but they are not holidays and they have an important role to play in children’s development, both socially and educationally, helping to fulfil our school aim of developing the ‘whole child’. For many children, residential visits represent that first important step of living away from home and immediate family for a short period of time.

Residential visits allow us to cover areas of the National Curriculum, which are difficult to deal with in a school situation. For example; In science we are able to look at different habitats and environments and study the plant and animal life within them; in Geography we can give the children first hand experience of a contrasting locality, expand our work on map and compass skills, setting the children challenges in ‘real’ situations We can also give the children a positive experience of outdoor education, enriching and developing their interest and enthusiasm for the future; indeed, experience has shown that when the children leave our school residential visits are among their strongest memories of their time at primary school.