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David Barber, Headteacher

 John Key, Assistant Headteacher


Little Owls, Reception

Amanda Parkin, Teacher

Barbara Aspinall, Teacher


Lindsay Bingham,  Advanced Teaching Assistant



Elf Owls, Year 1

Nicola Clay, Teacher

Sue Anger, Teaching Assistant


Barn Owls, Year 2

Mrs J Harpham, Teacher

Joanne Farmery, Teacher


Maria Styrin, Teaching Assistant



Tawny Owls, Year 3 / 4

Caroline Haigh, Teacher

Zara Key, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Karen AndersonKaren Anderson


Karen Anderson, Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Ryan, Teaching Assistant


Snowy Owls, Year 4 / 5


Charlotte Middlebrook, Teacher

Janet Bourke, Teaching Assistant


Sue Bertram, Teaching Assistant



Eagle Owls, Year 5 / 6

John Key, Teacher

Karen Merry, Higher Level Teaching Assistant




Caroline Shaw, Secretary



Midday Supervisors

Sue Anger, Senior MSA

Maria Styrin, MSA

Sue Bertram, MSA

Jodie Binns, MSA



Angela Ryan, MSA





Claire Brown, Cook

Debra Turner, Kitchen Assistant



Marie Margiotta, Kitchen Assistant



Caretaking and Cleaning


Graham Stoker, Caretaker


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