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Pupil Premium Information – September 2016


Amount received - £14950

How the Pupil Premium was spent

Additional specialist assistant teacher support for emotional literacy. Forest Schools provision for all groups of PP pupils throughout the school. Additional reading support groups. Support for PP children with the cost or trips and residentials. ICT provision to support learning of PP groups.

Impact of spending

Enhanced learning behaviours. Good rates of progress with gaps to national expectations closing for PP children. Good attendance of children compared to national figures. Y6 SAT results of PP children are not published as the total number of children was below 6.



Allocation amount (predicted) - £13600

Summary of the main barriers for PP eligible children

Emotional literacy issues, reading and maths progress and attainment to close gaps with peers and participation in extracurricular activities.

How we will spend the allocation in current academic year

Funding for a specialist Emotional Literacy Support trained assistant teacher to run ELSA groups across all cohorts. This will enable children who need ELSA support to better manage their emotions and behaviour which will lead to enhanced learning and better progress across all subjects.


Maths No Problem has been introduced across the school to help remove barriers to learning in maths. The approach will help PP children (and others) to better understand concepts and reasoning, leading to enhanced progress.


Funding for PP children that enables them to attend an extensive range of after school clubs and a residential per year from Y2 to Y6 inclusive. This builds self-confidence and enhances the curriculum, leading to greater resilience and better learning behaviours.

Measuring the impact

We will assess children termly and address any progress issues through focused pupil progress meetings with all teaching staff. PP children are specifically targeted in all teachers’ performance management targets. We will record participation in extracurricular activities throughout the year. Attitude and behaviour surveys will take place. Governors monitor children’s progress and the impact of the school culture on learning behaviours and values.

Date of next review of PP strategy



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