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Vision Statement

To be a successful, independent scientist, a Hambleton pupil will leave our school observant, curious and caring about their environment.  They will have learnt the knowledge, methods and processes that will equip them to communicate their scientific predictions, thoughts and discoveries about the world around them using the appropriate vocabulary.  The scientific skills they have learnt will accompany them on their journey through life and enhance their sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.  A Hambleton child will ask questions about themselves and the world around them, having used their real, outdoor experiences such as Hambleton residential trips to base their ideas on. Learning in Science is linked in with our school values; particularly creativity.

Extra Opportunities

From Year Three upwards, children at Hambleton School have the opportunity to attend an outdoor residential trip which enriches their Science curriculum and promotes Cultural Capital.  We are proud of this as a school.  Whole-school Science events have been planned, such as Outdoor Education Week; and visitors are welcomed into school such as local archaeologists and others.  Enrichment activities such as visits to the York Astrophysics Campus with parents/families attending have been organized and a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry to develop STEM learning has been applied for.

Planning and Coverage

Science, where possible, is linked to topic-based learning.  Staff plan from the National Curriculum and children have the opportunities to participate in practical science (‘Working Scientifically’) as well as learning a broad range of scientific knowledge.  We, as a school, provide hands-on, real experiences in Science which helps embed the learning for our children. 

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