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Vision Statement

At Hambleton School, we want to inspire our children to develop a love and curiosity about the history of their own locality, country and wider world which will remain with them into their adult lives and aid their understanding of the wider world and society around them. We aim to achieve this by providing a stimulating History curriculum and range of enrichment opportunities. We encourage the school Christian value of compassion by providing opportunities for our pupils to reflect on events and beliefs from the past.


Extra Opportunities

  • Visitors into school e.g. local historians/members of the local community with WW1 artefacts, archaeologist,
    • Whole school Enrichment Days e.g. Viking Day (October 2018), Local Heritage Artefacts Day
    • Celebrations to commemorate historical events e.g. Victory in Europe Day
    • Involvement in the Selby Abbey 950th Anniversary events such as creating a dance and banner for the 950 years parade in July 2019 and visiting
    • Local History Trail around Hambleton
    • Writing Bidding Prayers for annual Hambleton Remembrance Service
    • Visits to local Historical sites e.g. Selby Abbey, Danelaw Living History Museum, mills
    • Residential visits to places of historical significance and museums e.g. Hadrian’s Wall


Planning and Coverage

History planning is based on the knowledge coverage and skills progression for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two suggested in the Primary National Curriculum, which has been adapted accordingly on our Long Term Plans for each year group. We also use Hamilton Trust schemes to supplement this, as well as making links to historical events within the local community such as Hambleton Remembrance services, the 950th anniversary of Selby Abbey and commemorating historic national and international landmarks, such as the centenary of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.


By the time they leave Hambleton Primary School, we aim to ensure that our children have a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of events in Britain’s past and significant aspects/periods of the wider world, as well as their own local history of Hambleton, Selby and York. We aim to ensure that children can utilise a range of sources of historical evidence and analyse these critically to form their own interpretations of the past. We also encourage our pupils to ask perceptive and historically valid questions to understand concepts of continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance.


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